Fig trees are a quite popular Mediterranean fruit that present an excellent addition to your yard. Although the trees prosper within warmer climates, there are preventative methods in which you can take in order to protect your fig tree from the harsh winter ahead.
Moving into the colder portion of the year, you will notice that the leaves of the tree will begin to brown and fall. Before the leaves drop, fertilize your fig with a granulated organic fertilizer. After the leaves drop, remove all organic matter from the branches. Prune out any dead, diseased or weak branches. Tie back the branches in an upward direction and wrap the tree with burlap for insulation. Wrap the tree again with tar paper or Tyvek for additional insulation and weather protection. Leave the top open in order to allow moisture and heat to escape. Tie the Tyvek and burlap wrapping in place. Place a bucket on the top of the wrapped tree to prevent any moisture from getting in.
The wrapping should remain wrapped around the tree for the remainder of the winter. Moving into early spring, remove the winter protection when the temperature remains about 20 degrees. Any questions, feel from to contact the friendly nursery staff. Landscape design, landscape install, plant problems, gardening tips; we are here to help.