DSC_0277At Wiesner Bros, we can beautify any outdoor space, small or large, residential or commercial. From the front of charming townhouses, to the larger areas of St. Joseph Hill Academy, your outdoor spaces can be enhanced and beautifully redone with the help of the experts at Wiesner Bros Nursery Inc.

DSC_0297No space is too small or too large. Our landscape architects can transform any space with shrubs, flowers, trees, rocks, etc. that are strategically placed and planted to make your home or commercial property look warm and inviting. By bringing together practices of geology, geography, botany, horticulture, the fine arts, architecture, industrial design, soil sciences, environmental psychology, and ecology, landscape architects can create exquisite and beautiful spaces for any home.

DSC_0195Some people may think that the small lawns outside their homes don’t need landscaping attention, however, they can be spruced up and transform the look and feel of the outside of your property. Proper landscaping can add curb appeal and functionality, especially if you’re looking to sell your home. Smaller properties be optimized to show their true beauty and maximize useful space. Adding the right flowers and greenery with some well places garden accompaniments like benches, fountains bird baths or natural rocks can really make your outdoor space the most it can be.  If you need a backyard renovation, we can architecturally redesign your space and lay stones, bricks, or sod; anything that compliments your taste and your space can be provided. 

DSC_0224If you have a large space that needs a renovation, Wiesner Bros can help! Let our landscape architects get to work on designing the perfect layout for your large outdoor space and transform it into a serene and peaceful place that will leave you speechless. Large commercial spaces can be well taken care of with our renovations, such as our recent project at St. Joseph Hill academy. Gardens, stones, and landscaping details that surround buildings can all be created at your commercial property or large home yard.

For four generations, Wiesner Bros. Inc. has been serving Staten Island for commercial and residential landscaping. We help you create your dream garden for your dream home. No other landscaping company on Staten Island can compare. Come in for a visit, and speak with our knowledgeable staff for the latest tips on Horticulture.