April is a great month to grow a wide variety of vegetables in your garden, for harvest later in the year. Legumes and brussel sprouts should be sown indoors in April. Greens like cabbage, kale, and cabbage should be transferred into garden soil after indoor growth during February and March. A healthy variety of plants grown together, known as a polyculture, creates a wide variety of fresh foods that can benefit soil quality. Polycultures help prevent one type of pest or disease from wiping out your whole garden. Most pests and diseases only target certain plants, but growing a variety can limit the impact of infestation.
Legumes should be started from seed indoors during the month of April. Legumes like soy beans, chick peas, and other kinds of beans will help replenish nitrogen levels in garden soil. The natural nitrification process of legumes can aid the other plants in your garden, as well as those planted later. Legumes are often high in protein and Vitamin C.
Brussel sprouts should start growing from seeds indoors during the middle of April. Brussel sprouts provide a variety of vitamins and minerals, and can be beneficial in lowering cholesterol.
April is the time to transfer your spring kale, cabbage, and lettuce plants into the soil. Kale is very beneficial in providing Vitamin K and Omega-Fatty Acids. Cabbage and lettuce are helpful in providing fiber, Vitamins A, B, and C.
Tomatoes and peppers should have been sown indoors during March, but it is not too late to start growing them. Tomatoes are relatively easy to cultivate and provide a good variety of vitamins and minerals. Peppers are great for adding flavor and has anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritis relief.
Wiesner Bros. Nursery has everything you need to create the perfect garden for your home. We have all the seeds you need for your vegetable garden throughout the year. Growing a beautiful and hearty garden is both a great hobby and a great way to improve your diet. Locally grown garden vegetables are the perfect finish to your family dinner.