The growing of your own produce seems to be gaining momentum in households everywhere. Many have debated the idea whether to grow their own or to purchase from the grocery store, and have settled on the grocery store due to convenience. We will discuss three important reasons why you should strongly consider growing your own.

1. Price

When taking into consideration what you pay for produce, weighing the price of growing dramatically tips the scale in favor of growing your own. A prime example is grape and cherry tomatoes at the grocery store, which can retail for about $4.00 per pound which will last maybe 1-2 meals. A small pack of cherry tomatoes, which will yield about 10-20 plants, retails for less than $2.00. With a little tender love and care this $2.00 investment can save one a substantial amount over the course of a season. We recommend starting your seeds in small pots with some prime growing median, which will add an additional cost to the development process. The pots can easily be reused yearly and a small bag of Hoffman’s Seed Starter soil median can be purchased for a mere $8.00.

2. Control what goes into your food

With all the rage being Organic eating lately, the question that always pops up seems to be “is the product really organic?” By growing your own produce, you control what you want going into your food from start to finish. This reason alone can be the deciding factor.

3. Freshness

Nothing is worse than opening a fridge to limp, bruised and soiled vegetables. This problem is fully eliminated when you pick that juicy vegetable hours before it goes into your dinner that night. It is impossible for the grocery store to beat that freshness, especially with the organic demand exponentially growing.

Now that you have decided to grow your own vegetables, we totally understand this could be an overwhelming process for even the most experienced gardener. For this reason, Wiesner Bros. invites you to attend a seed starting seminar to be held Saturday, April 4th at 10 a.m. Simple child friendly kits are available for free of charge and larger family sized kits available for purchase while supplies last. We look forward to seeing you!