Your lawn and garden need to be properly cared for each month. Your landscaping adds color and freshness to the outside of your home, and needs to be treated right. To help you stay on track with your gardening and landscaping, our experts have prepared a to-do list of important tasks for your home in November, to keep it looking perfect and healthy through the cold seasons.This list is specific for plant hardiness zone 7, the level in and around New York City
November is the perfect month to plant ornamental trees. Colorful and flowering trees are best prepared for in November, as they can be ready for the first frost, and display a colorful bloom in the springtime. Some examples of ornamental trees include the Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry, which is low maintenance and produces beautiful white blooms, and the Kwanzan Cherry, a moderate to fast growing tree with beautiful double pink flowers in the early spring.
Spring-blooming bulbs are best planted in the late fall, so that they can last through the winter and pop with color as the days warm up. Alliums and daffodils bring a lot of color to your garden in the spring. Daffodils are usually white or yellow, while Alliums come in purples, whites, yellows, and pinks.
Rake the lawn in November often to remove debris from killing your grass or damaging plants. Leaves left on the lawn smother the grass and can kill it or cause the development of snow mold on your lawn.
Roses and other tender plants need to be protected from the cold winters. In the first weeks of November, cover the base of the plant with soil. Water them deeply between the first frost and the first freeze. Create a large base of mulch and compost around the base after the first freeze to lock in the water. As the ground cools in the winter, you will need to slowly remove the excess soil.
Prune your fall and winter flowering shrubs after the blooms. remove any dead or infested branches or offshoots. Do not prune too heavily, or you can damage the plant or hinder it’s spring-time growth. Pruning trees for dead or dying branches can help keep the rest of the tree healthier throughout the winter and well into the spring.
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