IMG_4465(1)Fall is finally here. With the change of seasons, comes fall colors and carved pumpkins. As the leaves change, your garden work isn’t over yet. Autumn planting, leaf raking, and the fall and Halloween Decor is just beginning. Wiesner Bros Nursery Inc. has everything you need to prepare your home for the fall; whether you need some fall annuals for your garden, pumpkins and cornstalks for the porch, or other ornamental decorations.

Fall is the shift between summer and winter, when there is equal amounts of day and night. As we continue through the year, there will be less daylight each day, until the Winter Solstice, which is the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year.

Many plants, trees and shrubs grow the best if planted in the fall. Weeds grow in fewer quantities, so there is less competition for resources. Pests and plant diseases are almost non-existent in the fall. Best of all, the cool weather alleviates the problem of constant watering with new installs. Wildflowers start their growth from seed in the fall. Spring bulbs should be planted in the fall, they need a dormant period of cold to bloom well. Bulbs like Pink Pearl Hyacinth, Apricot Beauty Tulips, and Mount Hood Narcissus are beautiful and grow well after a hard winter. Many vegetables grow best in the fall. Ornamental kale and cabbage grow well in the fall due to the cool weather, which brings out their best colors. Fall gardens usually have a large variety of beautiful and colorful perennials, such as lavender, rudbeckia, and foxglove. Pansies and mums are great for planting in the fall.

Wiesner Bros. Nursery Inc. has a full array of pumpkins, pansies, and more in our 8 acre nursery. We also have a wide variety of trees and shrubs, along with a fully stocked garden center for your convenience. We supply lawn tools and decor to bring out the best in your lawn. For four generations, Wiesner Bros. Inc. has been serving Staten Island. We help you create your dream garden for your dream home. No other Landscaping company on Staten Island can compare. Come in for a visit, and speak with our knowledgeable staff for the latest tips on