pansies yellow    Pansies (Viola Wittrockiana) are large, colorful flowers that come in a huge variety of colors, and are perfect for accenting or bordering a garden, or simply growing them in containers or window boxes. These fall blooming flowers, which return in the spring, have “faces,” or a central splash of a different color that makes the flower a good choice for adding more color to your garden.

Pansies are grown in many colors; red, purple, pink, white, blue, yellow, and orange. This availability makes them a great choice for any garden needing a splash of vibrance. Pansies are relatively low-maintenance when compared to pansies purpleother seasonal flowers. Pansies require regular watering, and most organic all-purpose fertilizers will help them grow well; but they grow best in a humus-rich soil that is well-drained. Pansies are considered a full to part sun plant, and hold up well in cooler temperatures, but may dry out in the summer if not properly watered and cared for. The best location for pansies is one with full sun while trees are bare and budding, and dappled shade during the summer months.

When planting them, leave 7-12 inches between each plant to promote hearty and full growth with limited pansies whitecompetition. Full growth will be about a 9-12 inch spread and a height of 6-9 inches. When transferring pansies to soil, ease them out carefully. Pansies have fibrous roots that form mat like coverings surrounding the dirt. Making shallow cuts in these mats during replanting can promote outward growth. Deadheading (removing  spent and wilted blooms) can help promote growth. Pansies mix well in color with snapdragons and alyssum. Pansies in a garden or planter with these flowers give it color before the rest bloom in the early summer.

Fall pansies, often called icicle pansies, bloom all the way into winter and return in the spring bringing a welcome burst of color after a long winter, making them a great investment.

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